J. C. Blair -Nov. 27, 1847- June 23, 1897, Kate Fisher Blair- July 7, 1848-Sept. 23, 1938

JC BlairJ. C. Blair

My Name is JOHN CHALMERS BLAIR. I was Born November 26, 1847 and died June 23, 1897.
I was a businessman known throughout the world.
After receiving a common school education, I took courses at Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie, New York. I returned to Huntingdon and got a job as a bank teller.
I bought a bookstore and then began printing stationery. In 1848, I invented the paper and pencil tablet. The business expanded rapidly, so in 1885 I began construction of what is today known as the Blair Building in Huntingdon. My company was called the J.C. Blair Manufacturing Company, the forerunner of today’s vast tablet and notebook industry.
I was elected Chief Burgess of Huntingdon, served as a trustee at his church and was a director of the First National Bank in Huntingdon. To honor me at my death, one of the local papers suggest that all business and activity cease during my funeral as a symbol of the respect for what I had done for the community.

Kate Fisher Blair

Kate BlairMy name is Kate Fisher Blair. I was born July 7th 1848 and died September 23rd 1938. I was born in Huntingdon and attended the Lawerenceville Seminary in New Jersey. I married J.C Blair in 1871 and helped him develop the paper tablet. I cooked the formula to hold the tablet together on my kitchen stove.

After my husband’s death in 1897, I devoted the rest of my live to doing charitable deeds and contributing money for local  and national emergencies. No one ever knew the extent of my charity and generosity, I wanted it that way. Everyone now knows that I donated J.C. Blair hospital to our county in 1911.

Clara McMurtrie