About Us

Isett Heritage Museum has 400 vintage cameras for viewing. If you’re a camera fan, you should see this.

Isett Heritage Museum has 400 vintage cameras for viewing. If you’re a camera fan, you should see this.

Isett Heritage Museum is home to the area’s largest collection of antiques and memorabilia. The museum is family oriented, educational and fun for all ages and contains exhibits from the 1800’s to present day. Tour guides accompany all visitors throughout their visit to provide information and answer questions about displays. You will see and learn about the history of some of the most unusual items the past has to offer. Please allow at least two hours of your time to see all three buildings filled with exhibits.

Visitors will begin the tour in the 1940 renovated barn.  The barn is by far the smallest building, but it is home to some of the most remarkable and beautifully preserved 1800’s antiques in our collection. Larger displays in the barn are radios, a dairy, a print shop and a tin shop. The printing area has two 1870 printing press machines and a selection of items from J.C. Blair Stationery Company, a local paper tablet producer in Huntingdon. Some of the other exhibits are farming tools and equipment, carpenter tools, scales, crocks to list only a few.

Building two has three separate sections.  The first section has from fireplaces to fainting couches,  we have created an impressive suite of rooms filled with beautiful antiques. Other exhibits in this section are vintage laundry, medical and dental equipment, trains, railroads, glassware, jewelry and toys. The second section to explore is the music room. It is filled with pianos, pump organs, musical instruments, records, TV’s, sheet music and jukeboxes. The walls of the music room display a large gallery of art created by local Huntingdon area artists; and numerous books written by local authors are also on display. The third section of building two has antique cars, pedal cars, a vintage gas pump, soap box derby cars, matchbox cars and other automotive related tools and equipment.

Building three begins with an impressive collection of cameras from the 1800’s to present. Also in building three is a large section dedicated to local veterans of the military. Found in this area are uniforms, letters, weapons, maps and numerous military items. The collection ranges from Civil War to present day and you will find many interesting facts of the local veteran who served during war and peace times. The firearms and the gunsmith shop are another local Huntingdon history lesson. Many of the guns Mr. Isett acquired are made from Huntingdon County gunsmiths from 1850’s.  This large collection is showcased next to a replica of a local 1850 gunsmith shop. A few of the other exhibits in building three are banking items, a barber shop, Knights of Malta, a schoolroom, scouting, clothing, a church, and memorabilia of many local businesses dating back to the early 1800’s.

After viewing the exhibits in all three buildings of the museum, you may make a stop in the gift shop with your tour guide. The gift shop has a wide variety of glassware, toys, books and many other items.

Our Mission Statement

Our MiIsett Acres Museum Foundation is an educational and historical endeavor to conserve and display items

of interest from the past. To achieve this mission, the museum will:
Display and interpret the ways of living as it was in the past
Portray the ways our lives have been changed by the many improvement of the products and lifestyles
of the past
Present educational programs illustrating how the various items on display have contributed to life as it
is lived today
Develop and sustain a group of skilled employees and volunteer to help preserve the past
Collect and display collectables of today for the future