Suzanna Eisenberg ~ August 13, 1783 – May 3, 1822

My name is Susanna Eisenberg. I was born August 13, 1783, and I died May 3, 1822. Just look at all of this land as far as the eye can see. That’s why my family came here: to farm. So much land just waiting.There were many Germans already here. Some had been here many years before the Revolution. When I arrived in this country, it already felt like home. There were even German newspapers and German churches here. Like many women of my time, my life story is lost to the years, but trust me, I lived. Working together with my husband, we took untamed land and changed it into fields and pastures that fed our family. Our children grew up as citizens of our new homeland and married and raised families of their own. Some of them stayed here, and some, like us, set their sights on a better life away from the land of their birth. When I died, I was 38 years old. I no longer remember what caused my passing, but for my era, I lived a full and long life. Even though the person who engraved my stone did not speak it, you can see the writing is in my native tongue, German.