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Isett Heritage Museum

Our Founders

Isett Heritage Museum founders, J. Melvin & Beulah Isett, had a dream of preserving the things that were part of everyday living for future generations. The couple spent over 50 years acquiring local memorabilia and antiques which they stored at their home and business. In 1990, when the storage space became very limited they purchased our current location, an old dairy farm and used the BARN to store their collection.

In 2000, after retiring Melvin & Beulah decided to somewhat organize their collection in the barn and share it with the public. Where the cattle stable was on the first floor and the hay storage was on the second floor, some renovations were done to enable display areas to be produced. Considerations were done while remodeling so that the barn still retains the appearance of an actual working barn.

Sadly to say, Beulah Isett passed away before she could see this vision come to pass. Mel Isett made it his mission to continue what they both had wished to see happen for the future, a museum for people of all ages to enjoy. September 2001, with the renovations and display areas complete, the Isett Acres Museum finally opened to the public. Due to Beulah’s keen interest in horticulture, her spirit is still today kept alive by today having the property surrounded by several flower gardens.

After a successful opening Mel Isett decided to showcase more of his collection and the public started making memorial donations to preserve their family heritage. As the collection continued to expand in 2002, more exhibit space for the museum was needed and so construction on a new building had begun. By 2004 building #2 was completed.

In 2007, Mel Isett decided that it was necessary to expand again due to our collection  “bursting at the seams.” Around 2008 construction of building #3 was completed.  Building three is used to house the larger collection items. Unbelievable camera collection, barber shop, military memorabilia, appliances, gun collection with restored local gunsmith shop and remarkable local church display.

Growing up during The Great Depression, Mr. Isett knew how hard people had to work for what they possessed and the importance of many of the objects in the museum. Over the years his passion for preserving Huntingdon history and family heirlooms never diminished. The Isett family and staff at the museum is dedicated to continuing the dream of J Melvin & Beulah Isett.