About Our Founder

Our Founders

Our founders, J. Melvin & Beulah Isett, had a dream of preserving the things that were part of everyday living for future generations.

In 1990, they bought this farm and stored a lot of their collections here as well as their home and business.  Mr. Isett had an extensive gun collection and especially objects with a hometown connection-like the Fouse’s Dairy display from his childhood home in Marklesburg.

Sadly to say, Mrs. Isett passed away before she could see this dream come to pass; however, Mr. Isett made it his mission to continue what they both had wished to see happen for the future.  To keep her spirit alive and because of her keen interest in horticulture; we are trying to continue a tradition to have the property surrounded by gardens.

In 2000 Mr. Isett decided to “clean out the barn” so the cattle stable on the first floor and the hay storage on the second floor were replaced to become display area #1.  Tools, glassware, kitchen items, schoolroom, and toys were neatly grouped for our first displays.

Moving forward to 2002, a larger building was started and became the housing for such items as a clown collection, train display, an original bell from Huntingdon & Broad Top Railroad, dolls and clocks.  But we can’t stop yet, wooden wall phone from 1944 when the Isetts opened their grocery store and gas station at the intersection of Warm & Cold Spring Roads. From the former TV Cable Company business, we have all of the outdated equipment (or as we like to say, museum items) from the early cable industry.

Now in2007, still having a wonderful problem of the collections “burgeoning at the seam” the construction of #3 building started.  At this time, the museum had larger collections that require larger space to show the displays-like cameras, schoolroom, music room, automobiles and a large miniature farm display.

Mr. Isett, now in his 90’s, came up through the Depression so he know how hard people had to work for what they possessed and how important many of the objects in the museum were to them.  So he, along with this late wife, Beulah, hope you can come and visit with us – relive the past.

As you can see, this is a dream come true, and we hope it is just the beginning of the story of Isett Heritage Museum.

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